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Hi all,

We have decided that we will no longer update this blog each week as most of our listeners are heading straight to out Hipcast podcast link. For your convenience we will be posting the link to each program on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

You can access our Twitter page using the handle enviro_pod and our new Facebook page can be accessed here:

If you have any questions feel free to contact Georgina Wheeler via email:



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Environmentality – 3rd June 2016

Today on Environmentality we spoke to a group of lovely students from Operation Newstart, an innovative re-engagement and leadership program. We discussed their recent trip to the Woodlands Historical Park where they researched the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Have a listen!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.07.57 pm.png

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Environmentality – 27th May 2016

Last Friday on Environmentality we spoke to Kulja Coulston the Editor of
Sanctuary Magazine. We discussed Issue 35 of Sanctuary magazine and
Issue 135 ReNew magazine. On the program we spoke about sustainable
Granny Flats and solar battery systems. Have a listen:

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Environmentality – Friday 20th May 2016

On Environmentality today we spoke to the lovely Jodi Jackson about her new group the ‘Community Organisations Network’.

The Community Organisations Network is a facebook page that has been established to empower community organisations to build up their profiles on social media, and to grow their membership. You can join the group by clicking on the following link:

If you missed the show today make sure you download our podcast!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.33.06 am.png

Jodi established the ‘Community Organisations Network’  last week. The network is a platform where community organisations are provided with bite sized pieces of information that they can use to make small changes in their organisations. On the platform they are encouraged to engage in open and honest conversations about challenges, to share wins, and to learn how they can work with other organisations to provide real benefits to their community.

Jodi is interested in providing support to all kinds of community organisation including sporting clubs, gardening groups, ‘Friends of’ groups and community service organisations. If are would like to build up the profile of your group, or wish to share some of your experiences, join the facebook group!

Jodi has been providing support to countless community organisations over the past four years helping them to increase their membership and reach. On the program we discussed a variety of types of social media and how they should and can be used to promote organisations. Listen to the program to learn more!

If you are interested in hearing from all of the Wills candidates about their policies on climate action and sustainability, make sure you attend Wills Election Climate Forum! The event will be chaired by Cinnamon Evans from CERES and the politicians who have confirmed their attendance include: Zane Alcorn (Socialist Alliance); Tristram Chellew (Sex Party); Camille Kennedy-Sydow (Animal Justice Party); Peter Khalil (Labor); and Samantha Ratnam (Greens).

The event will be held on the 30th of May at 7.00pm at in the Concert Hall within the Coburg Town Hall on 90 Bell Street. RSVP here!

Make sure you tune into the program next week! We will be speaking to Kulja Coulston, the Editor of Sanctuary Magazine about the latest issue of the magazine.

Music Selection: ‘St. South’ by Slacks; ‘West Coast’ a cover by James Vincent Mc Morrow; ‘Quattro’ by Calexico; and  ‘Toi et Moi’ by Tyro.

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Environmentality – 13th May 2016

On Environmentality today we spoke to Lina Schiafoni about her project ‘The Little Green Thumbs’ which involves running monthly gardening workshops with children at The Goonawarra Community Garden in Sunbury.

If you missed the program, you can listen to it here.


Lina has had an interest in gardening since she was young, being part of an Italian family growing fruit and vegetables has always been an important part of her life.

Her involvement in the Hume City Council Enviro Champions program last year allowed The Little Green Thumbs project to come to life. The Enviro Champions program provides support and information to Hume residents to help them implement community projects that have a positive environmental impact. Find out more on their website:

Lina’s idea, The Little Green Thumb’s project is a monthly gardening club for children of all ages. The workshops take place at the Goonawarra Community Garden in Sunbury on the last Sunday of each month from 10am until 12pm. During the workshops the kids learn gardening skills, make lemonade and get to take home the plants they sow!

Lina’s project is growing and her passion for helping children learn and grow healthy food and vegetables has extended to providing support to other organisations. In the past year Lina has delivered gardening workshops to holiday programs, a range of festivals, science nights at local schools and to the girl guides.

Currently the funding for the Little Green Thumbs Project is coming out of Lina’s pocket. Lina is seeking sponsorship to improve the sustainability of the project. If you can provide any support or would like Lina to deliver a gardening workshop for your organisation please send her a message via Facebook:

Tune in next week, we will be speaking to our resident gardening expert, the lovely Jodi Jackson !

Music selection from today: Vance Joy, ‘Mess is Mine’; The Kooks, ‘Seaside’; The National, ‘Terrible Love’; The Cure, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’; Angus and Julia Stone, ‘Grizzly Bear’; and Kenny Garret, ‘Sing a Song of Songs’.

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Environmentality – 6th May 2016

Today on the program we spoke to Robert Bender our biodiversity expert about a monthly frog survey that he has been conducting for the past 18 years!

If you missed the program today make sure you download the podcast!


As always Robert offered a wealth of knowledge on the frog population in Ivanhoe. Robert initiated the monthly surveying in 1998. Over the years he has had several volunteers helping him to collect data including our co-presenter John Merory!

The surveying takes place in the evening at the public golf course in Ivanhoe, and involves a group of 1-5 volunteers stopping at ponds and billabongs to listen for frog calls, identify species and record the estimated number of frog callings on a standard sheet. This data is then uploaded to the frog watch website.

A total of 12 tree and ground frog species occupy the Ivanhoe golf course. With an abundance of wet areas, the frogs thrive in the golf course habitat. Each frog species has a distinct call and these calls are more profound during different months of the year.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast from the program today to find out more of these fascinating facts!

Tune in next week! We will be talking to Lina from the Little Green Thumbs project in Sunbury to discuss the monthy gardening workshops she runs for kids in Hume. Lina is passionate about helping children learn about healthy food and growing vegetables. Make sure you tune in!

Music selection from today: Max Frost, Let me Down Easy; Youth, if you leave; Banoffee, Lay Down and The Beach Boys.

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Environmentality – 22nd April 2016

This week, we were lucky enough to speak to  Sheena Mathieson! Sheena is a Melbourne-based Artist and an Ambassador who shares her creativity with young adults who have disabilities and are transitioning from school to adult life. She has a strong interest in sustainability and frequently uses recycled materials in her artwork.

If you missed the program, make sure you download the podcast!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.59.21 pm.png

On the program we discussed her business Woman Made, the art programmes she currently facilitates and how she creates her art using recycled materials.

Sheena’s website Woman Made showcases her artwork, the programs she facilitates and her blog. Much of her art is for sale, make sure you check out her website here:!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.59.29 pm.png

Sheena currently runs several programs including ‘Make a Day in Hume’, a program designed for young adults with disabilities and their carers. Several outings per month are planned that allow the participants to ‘get out and about’ while they see art and meet new people, inspiring them to create their own art. If anyone is able to support this great program, please contact Sheena via her website.

The current ‘Make a Day in Hume’ Program is outlined below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.34.02 pm.png

An important aspect of Sheena’s Art is her use of recycled materials. She sources many of her materials from hard rubbish, second-hand stores like Savers and she also is donated supplies. Her art is a reflection of what inspires her and the people that she interacts with.

Music selection from today’s program: ‘Youth’, Daughter; ‘With Her’, Banoffee; ‘Deepest Night’, Charles Jenkins and ‘Hidden Hands’ by Jen Cloher.

We will be having a break from Environmentality next week to prepare for the launch of our new social enterprise cafe! Everyone is welcome to attend, the details of the event are outlined on the flyer below.

The Common Bean Cafe Grand Opening Invitation.jpg

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