Environmentality Febuary 5th 2016 – Interview with John Englart

On the program today we spoke to Australian citizen journalist and climate activist John Englart about the Paris Climate Agreement!

On the show we analysed the Paris Agreement, discussed its strengths and weaknesses, spoke about Australia’s position on climate action, and John provided advice on where to go from here. Todays program is well worth a listen, if you missed the show you can listen to it here!


John Englart recently attended the UN climate conference in Paris as an accredited NGO observer delegate for Climate Action Moreland, and as a climate advocate participating in, and observing civil society protests.

Read about John’s experience in Paris on his blog!: http://takvera.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/the-paris-moment-for-climate-justice.html..

This report that John wrote analysing the agreement for Climate Action Moreland is also very insightful and worth a read: http://climateactionmoreland.org/2016/02/03/the-paris-moment-and-beyond-john-englart-reports-back-to-climate-action-moreland/

The Agreement in Paris was undoubtably a historic moment, with 195 countries in attendance agreeing to reduce global emissions and decarbonise by 2050.

The consensus reached in the final agreement outlined a target to “keep global temperatures well below 2.0C above pre-industrial levels, and limit them to 1.5C”.

To achieve this goal Scientists suggest that fossil fuels and coal needs to be phased out by 2050, at which point we would need to transition into a 100% renewables based economy. Unfortunately at this stage, based on projections from the action plans submitted by participating nations, we expect to see an increase in temperatures from between 2.7 to 3.5 degrees.

Australia has not been a leader in this movement, as a nation we have actually managed to reverse our decreasing emissions trend! Lets keep up the momentum created form this conference, and as John suggests, use this agreement to pressure our leaders to make positive changes in this arena!

Make sure you tune in next week, we will be speaking to the CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, Dr Steven Bygrave, about the amazing work that BZE do!

All the music from todays show was chosen by our guest and inspired by his time in Paris. We played: ‘Paris Takes the Stage’ from the theme album ‘Decades After Paris’; ‘Stay Alive’ by Arthur and Mongstar; ‘Dis moi oui, ENGIE !’ by Jeunes Amis de la Terre; ‘Chantent contre le béton’ by Sylvain Girault et Mathieu Hamon; and Koh Lanta’s ‘Climate Change Song’.

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  2. John Englart says:

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    Sustainable Fawkner member John Englart talks about attending the UN Climate Conference in Paris, the strengths and weaknesses of the Paris Agreement, and the inmportance of continued grassroots activity to pressure governments and businesses to step up action commensurate with the goals and framework set in Paris.


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