Environmentality – 6th May 2016

Today on the program we spoke to Robert Bender our biodiversity expert about a monthly frog survey that he has been conducting for the past 18 years!

If you missed the program today make sure you download the podcast!


As always Robert offered a wealth of knowledge on the frog population in Ivanhoe. Robert initiated the monthly surveying in 1998. Over the years he has had several volunteers helping him to collect data including our co-presenter John Merory!

The surveying takes place in the evening at the public golf course in Ivanhoe, and involves a group of 1-5 volunteers stopping at ponds and billabongs to listen for frog calls, identify species and record the estimated number of frog callings on a standard sheet. This data is then uploaded to the frog watch website.

A total of 12 tree and ground frog species occupy the Ivanhoe golf course. With an abundance of wet areas, the frogs thrive in the golf course habitat. Each frog species has a distinct call and these calls are more profound during different months of the year.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast from the program today to find out more of these fascinating facts!

Tune in next week! We will be talking to Lina from the Little Green Thumbs project in Sunbury to discuss the monthy gardening workshops she runs for kids in Hume. Lina is passionate about helping children learn about healthy food and growing vegetables. Make sure you tune in!

Music selection from today: Max Frost, Let me Down Easy; Youth, if you leave; Banoffee, Lay Down and The Beach Boys.

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